It’s often challenging to find the right flooring material that stands the test of time without requiring frequent maintenance. You need to keep so many factors in mind, such as durability, preventing the shine from stains and chemical spills, and your budget. But with epoxy floors around, you don’t need to scratch your head for more flooring materials. It is affordable, durable, and doesn’t require too much maintenance as some of the other floors. Moreover, you can choose from a metallic finish to a variety of natural colors to complement the aesthetics of your house.

Professional epoxy flooring

The question that may already be running in your mind is who does epoxy flooring nearby. Well, you can search online for the nearest epoxy flooring company so that you can consult and find out the approximate cost to install the floor in your property. Most companies work both for residential and commercial clients. Therefore, it won’t matter whether you hire their services for installing a new floor in your basement, garage, or an entire factory. Here are a few reasons why epoxy floors stand out from the rest:

1. Appearance

Epoxy floors look elegant because of the smooth surface and tile-like finish. You also get the option to choose between glossy and matte-finish to make your floor look stylish.

2. Resistance

Epoxy floors are popular because the material can resist almost anything you throw at it. This includes cleansers, oil, fluid, gasoline, and bleach, thus making it a suitable flooring option in factories and warehouses. In addition to the highly-resistant floor coating, epoxy is also heat and water-resistant. This means they don’t react to chemical spills like some of the other materials like polymer and quartz. Most importantly, they also allow germs and bacteria to grow on the surface. Therefore, you can not only consider it as a flooring option in your office or factory but also for your home.

3. Installation

Professional installers use a combination of ingredients while installing an epoxy floor. These ingredients include polyurethane paints, acrylics, adhesives, and hygiene paints. The specialist will first prepare the concrete and then apply the first epoxy coating. Once this layer dries, the professional will apply another layer. This is the quickest installation process that an epoxy flooring company should follow.

4. Durability

Epoxy floors last the longest compared to some of the other flooring materials. The high-quality concrete underneath, together with the sealant that holds it in its place, provides the perfect cushion so that the epoxy doesn’t come out. It ensures that the double coating of epoxy sits comfortably for years and doesn’t react even if the foot traffic increases.

The next time you think of who does epoxy flooring nearby, make sure you go through the website of the flooring contractor in detail. Consider a few more factors like experience, types of epoxy finishes, ready made floor designs, and price per square meter before hiring the company. Experienced companies may cost more but you can count on their quality of service.